Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fred Wilson, Mining The Museum

17th Century Cabinet of Curiosity

"The Peale Museum was awunderkammer of the first order, and its famous mastodon skeleton can be seen looming in the shadows behind the curtain.  Peale financed scientific expeditions to collect natural history specimens for his marvelous museum, which was eventually sold to P.T. Barnum and fellow showman Moses Kimbell, who had previously collaborated to exploit "a curiosity supposed to be a mermaid" but which was in fact a clever fake."Charles Wilson Peale, 1822, self-portriat, The Artist in his Museum.  Source link here.

The Louvre Museum.  Website link here.

Link here to read an interview with Wilson at The Hood Museum.

"Beyond the institutional critique he offers, Wilson makes objects speak, in a post-Duchampian way, not so much by creating new thoughts for objects and images (which is what the great Marcel liked to say he was doing), but by revealing the meanings these objects and images already have. But it isn’t all analysis. Wilson now has a language through which truth pushes him beyond analysis." From the article How Objects Get Their Meaning by John Perreault.  Link here to read article.

From the exhibition Legacies: Contemporary Artists Reflect on Slavery.  Link here.

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